K-Jetronic injection

This is the commercial name of a technique developed by Bosch in the years 1974 for fuel injection. This system is both simple in concept and complex in its implementation. It operates almost completely mechanically, with fuel metering through slits and valves that respond to pressure

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It is the air pressure (variable according to its flow) which influences a plate (5b), and by a leverage effect, controls the metering of fuel. Each injector receive an identical amount of fuel, which they then send into the combustion chamber. The “K-Jet” injection replaces the simple “Jetronic” injection, which operated analogically, using a pressure sensor. The removal of this sensor reduces the risk of failure. There are variants, notably the “KE-Jetronic”, which adds an electronic controller. Many vehicles are equipped with “K-Jetronic” injection: the famous DeLorean DMC-12 from “Back to the Future”, the Ferrari 308s, the Testarossa and other models of the brand, the Lamborghini Countach (American version) Volvo Series 260, Porsche, Renault, Peugeot, Volkswagen.

The proper functioning of a K-Jet equipped engine depend on many elements. Philippe Boursin lists on his website: ignition, air intake, power supply and fuel supply. The settings are different, whether the motor is cold or hot. The elements implemented differ also: Additional air drawer, back pressure regulator (WUR, Warm-Up Regulator), the supply pressure regulator, the pressure regulator command, etc … All of these elements must coordinate and work in synergy. If getting a basic engine operation is relatively easy, optimize it requires expertise. It is because of the complexity of these settings that Patrice Vézier offers his services. Specialized in K-Jetronic injection, with many years of experience, it will give your vehicle this little “plus” that will transform your driving experience.

Système K-Jetronic