Patrice VEZIER, your k-Jectronic specialist

Who is Patrice VEZIER, your K-Jetronic injection specialist?

As a child, he was already tinkering with old bikes, which he improved. Become an adolescent, it is on mopeds Patrice Vezier makes his weapons. Disassemble the engines, modify them, improve them in order to gain performance.

He then goes to the next level, the motorcycles, and finally the cars. He buys and restores them. His first tests are done on a Renault 5 GTL. Then he goes on a sports car, the R5 Alpine turbo.

Patrice Vezier et sa R5 gt turbo In 2006, he starts the competition, especially odds races. He prepares his own vehicles, including a Super 5 GT Turbo. We regularly find his name in the rankings of the championships of France.

It is in 2008 that launches into the K-Jetronic injection. First to save money, as specialists in France remain too expensive, then out of curiosity and challenge. It documents itself to the professionals, studies the operation of the system, does research on the internet. He try first on his own vehicles, then those of friends, then the idea of ​​making others benefit from his fingering makes his way.

This is how he officially starts his professional activity, specializing in optimization, cleaning and repair of K-Jetronic injections.

Patrice is also present on many discussion forums, under the pseudonym “camboui76”, where he advises and assists many people.